Sunday, December 31, 2006

Year in Review - Art

Worked with You Are Beautiful.
Special thanks to Joey D. and Francis Kmiecik

Had a lot of great photoshoots.

Year in Review - Family

I became a god mother to this little sweetie.

My sister gets engaged, and gets her MBA from Kellogg.

My dog, Clara, is still the best and most amazing dog ever.

Year in Review - Medical Part I - trips to the E.R.

First trip to the E.R.
Steven and Marquee take me to the Emergency Room at Northwestern Hospital after I break my finger on a photo shoot. I was saving my camera in a fall on the beach front. No - I was not drunk. It was 6 in the moring for crying out loud. However, I was wearing flip-flops, which we all know is a no-no when you are on the job. Thankfully, the two rolls I shot before the early wrap turned out great.

Second trip to the E.R.
In late December I make the reluctant decision to have my friend Jessica drive me to the Emergency Room at Central DuPage Hospital on our way to the Aurora Outlet Malls to investigate a severe infection in my elbow, which was somehow related to a fall I took on my bike in November. I made out like a bandit on our (3hrs. delayed) shopping trip.

*Extra special thanks to my mom. She has driven me to the Emergency Room more times then either of us would care to remeber!
*Special thanks to Jess, Marquee, Nancy, Peggy, and the really great docs at Northwestern.
*Also, I want to give an extra special thank you to Steven. Not only did he drive me to the Emergency Room in 2006 while volunteering to help me on a shoot, but also, drove me to the Emergency Room in 2005 on Thanksgiving day and waited there with my mom for many hours.

Year in Review - Medical - Part II - Kidney Surgery Sucks!

Number if surgeies - TWO (that damn kidney)
Special thanks to Dr. Quinten Clemens and the rest of the staff at Northwestern Hospital in Chicago. Also a huge THANK YOU to my family and also, Francis Kmiecik.

pissing blood is awesome!

The Year in Review - Trips

Trips taken-ONE.
Low on average for me, but it was a biggie. VIETNAM

Vietnam was a long list of first time events in my life...

like shooting a machine gun.

Special thanks to Francis Kmiecik, Sun, Loung, our amazing guide, and also Wendy and Tina in Hawaii!!!

Saturday, December 30, 2006

The best gift I gave this year

would have to be this puppet.
He laughs.

He cries.

It's amazing the way people respond to him.

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Best gift of 2006

Pictured below is the 1905 photo of the Life Drawing Class at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, given to me this year by my god-parents, Mary and John Witte

The high school sweethearts are pictured here in their senior yearbook photo.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Homage to John De Andrea

my modern take, 2006

the De Andrea original, 1972

This homage to John DeAndrea is kicking off a new series of prints relating to the anti-social nature of new technologies and how they can effect (man/woman) relationships. Look for more images coming soon.
Also, if you would like to model for me in this project, please contact me here

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Monday, September 11, 2006

Dark Days

I took this picture on 9/11, at my friends apartment, in Washington D.C. We would go to the roof and watch the black smoke of the Pentagon burning. Then we would come inside and watch the towers crumble on TV.

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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Long awaited! Anxiously anticipated!

A collaboration between amazing Chicago artist, Anthony Lewellen and myself.