Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Below, my little niece gets a hand from her mom during her 6-months-old photo shoot. This was literally the last shot.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

2010 a Year Without Healthcare

As 2009 came to a close my Cobra health insurance came to an end. Even though I am overall healthy and athletic I have a long and complicated medical history, a small portion of which I have documented HERE and HERE.

On the directive of a nurse practitioner at a Walgreens walk-in clinic I went to the Clybourn Medical Center. The Walgreens Clinic is $85.00 to see a nurse practitioner. The Clybourn Clinic is $40.00 AND they have a pharmacy on site where I got TWO prescriptions for only FIVE dollars. AMAZING! Conveniently located in Cabrini Green (or what little is left of it) I highly recommend it to anyone! The doctor and pharmacist were very pleasant and knowledgeable.

Above, the Clybourn Medical Center.

Cabrini Demolition

One of the few remaining buildings in Cabrini, 660 W. Division begins its slow demolition.

Cabrini Runner

Monday, January 11, 2010

One Tough Momma

I joined this group on fb, My parents didn't put me in time-out, they whooped my ass!
I posted the below photos, which were originally sent to me by my friend Yoko, and it has caused quite a response!

Most of the comments are along the lines of "Go Mom!"

The other thing about the group is that there are tons of people on there telling stories about getting their ass whooped: how often, what for and with what. The thing that blew my mind is that A LOT of people talk about getting beat with a Hot Wheels track!

I know. Crazy.
In fact, I brought it up with one of my friends and he was like, "Oh yeah. Sure."


The Worst News I Have Heard Ever!!

Starts like this...
Artist/Designer Andrew Reichold posts on facebook:
Dolls that look like wrinkly old men are kind of cool.

Me: Super cool! They look like ET dolls.

Also, I sent the link to my buddy, artist, Steven Hudosh


they don't have wieners.

old men don't have wieners steven...I hate to be the one to tell u that....

This is the worst news I have heard ever!! HOW LONG DO I HAVE UNTIL MINE FALLS OFF???!!!!!!!