Sunday, October 05, 2008

Last Formal Portrait of LaVerne Bernadette Wischmeier Weimer

June 27th, 1916 - September 28, 2008

This is her handwriting on the back.

"LaVerne Weimer - 91
Dec. 2007 for church book"

She had wonderful penmanship.
I was given this photo in its frame to scan and share with my family. Besides being her last portrait it is also a great portrait. Very much her likeness. Way to go Olan Mills! She is wearing her favorite set of jewelry, the "pink set", given to her by her kids for her 90th birthday. By some wonder I am still trying to understand, I was given the pink ring to this set and have barely taken it off since I put it on my finger, right then and there.

So, another surprise awaited me, when I opened the frame I found 5 more formal portraits of my Grandparents (all taken at Olan Mills) all for the "church book" from the last 10 years.
I'll post them soon.

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