Monday, January 11, 2010

One Tough Momma

I joined this group on fb, My parents didn't put me in time-out, they whooped my ass!
I posted the below photos, which were originally sent to me by my friend Yoko, and it has caused quite a response!

Most of the comments are along the lines of "Go Mom!"

The other thing about the group is that there are tons of people on there telling stories about getting their ass whooped: how often, what for and with what. The thing that blew my mind is that A LOT of people talk about getting beat with a Hot Wheels track!

I know. Crazy.
In fact, I brought it up with one of my friends and he was like, "Oh yeah. Sure."



MAP said...

i got whacked with hot wheels track:(

MisMatch said...

Sorry to hear it MAP. But rest assured YOU ARE NOT ALONE!
My sister and I never got whooped with an object. Hands Only. Although, I think my mom caught me with a wooden spoon once. Though I'm sure she would deny it!
Cheers mom! I love you for it!

owo said...

haha, hilarious. i didn't have any brothers so there were no hot wheels tracks at my mother's disposal (she used a wood handled brush instead). kevin informed me though that while his parents never used one, hot wheels tracks were the weapon of choice in tussels between his brother and him. aparently they gave the one two punch of pain and noise.