Thursday, August 12, 2010

Thanks, Thursday!

Thank you, Thursday!

I had a sweet photoshoot today with my good friend's kids (below).
Drove up north to Gompers Park, where the old black woman working the door let me into "family swim" because, "It's hotter than Hell today..." Took pics of a nice Latin Family with a baby, swam.

Hit two more pools, swam some more.

Picked up my framed Jason Lazarus print at Yoko's.

And now, Sultan's Market! Delicious, well-deserved treat. It's a pain in the ass getting there and parking because it is like 4:30 at the 6 corners. I throw on my flashers  and as I'm running up the street to the store a huge SUV (with rims!) turns the wrong way down the street. Stops and an undercover detective leans out the window, points at me:

Him: Get over here!
Me: (walks over, might be worth mentioning here that I am in a wet bikini and towel)
Him: (angry) You can't just make a U-turn WHEREVER YOU WANT! You CANNOT drive your car in reverse down a one way street, and I'm pretty sure YOU CAN'T PARK THERE!
Me: So....move my car? (thinking, Gosh, when you put it like that...)
Him: YES! Move your car. (stares at me)
Me: and...don't drive like a jerk?
Him: Yeah, (almost to himself) don't drive like a jerk.
OK, no Sultan's for me...
Him: (overheard as he tries to get out of his bad spot facing the wrong way on a one way street with a packed North Avenue behind him) Get out of my fucking way!

Hahahahaha, where does he think I learned to drive like that? Hello, watching cops!! It was like my audacity personally offended him(...only people like HIM can drive like THAT, and only in the name of justice!) And/or he was sort of in awe of my sweet git-r-done driving skills.


Feelin' lucky.

Went home and BBQ'd myself some ribs.

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G said...

Cops in this town are the last people that should be giving driving etiquitte advice.

Your pool photos are awesome, I used to live by gompers but never actually swam there.

Also, that slightly blurry picture of you is completely hot.

that is all, carry on.