Saturday, January 31, 2009

More Money

Here are two other pieces that I liked from the recent Arc Gallery show (see below). Unfortunately, I don't have the names of the artists who made these pieces, so I am listing them all below.

The above eagle is made of pennies.

Participating artists: ATYL, John Anderson, Stephen Barnwell, Pamela Calore, Timothy Campbell, Angela Cazel Jahn, Angeline Evans, Rachel Foster, Benjamin Funke, Juan Garcia, Eric J. Garcia, Urszula Gogol, Renee Haddad, Derek Haverland, Drew Huening, Anna Huffman, Daniel Hustwit, Jill Jeannides, Elizabeth Kauffman, Ryan McJunkin, Daniel Mellis, Geoffrey Owen Miller, Mary Min, Cheri Reif Naselli, Fabio Rodriguez, John O. Smith, Matt Sour, Mirjana Ugrinov, Donna J. Wan, Jennifer Weigel and Marjorie Woodruff.

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