Friday, January 16, 2009

Year in Review - a little late

2008 was a crazy year.
but I guess I could say that every year....

I had ZERO trips to the ER which is down from the last two years. I had surgery on my thumb - some work on my kidney and of course a root canal. I am feeling pretty good and getting ready to be without insurance after June of this year.*
At left I am icing my side with some frozen veggies.

Clara was attacked by some dogs, but had a full recovery.

The year started off with the tragic murder of John Granville. R.I.P.

Got laid off from my job in May followed by almost everyone else in December.

Traveled to Europe with my sister, Amanda. The Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. Also, two trips to LA and one to Hawaii. I have been lucky enough to leave the country a lot the last few years. Vietnam, Kenya, Europe and a few trips to Hawaii.

My grandmother died. She was my last remaining grandparent. On a happier note we found out that my sister is having a baby, due in early July. My parents have both been healthy this year, that is a blessing.

I didn't have show this year! Hard to believe I let the time slip away like that. I was able to produce a 2009 Calendar and started a book project with my buddy Nick. Hopefully 09 is the year of the book deal.
Also, a huge success for 2008 was the beginning of my blog Just a Casual Observation with Jill.

* I am trying to find a nice Canadian Hockey player (nice looking, rich, tall) to marry and wisk me away to Canada and it's nationalized health care. Feel free to contact me if you know anyone that fits the description.
Cheers and Happy New Year!

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